Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wing IDE 4.0 adds Django support

Wing IDE 4.0 is in beta and has added support for the Django web development framework. This includes debugging of Django templates (set breakpoints, step, view data, etc), improved Django template syntax highlighting and auto-completion, and Django-specific actions for creating projects and apps, running sync db, and so forth.

Please try it at


  1. This is great news!

    I love to use Wing IDE. Now when it has Django support it's even got better :)

    Thank You

  2. Hi, Does WingIde have support for uploading my Django project from a laptop to my hosting server (ssh).

    Or, optionally to remotely edit Django files via ssh/sftp/ftp.

    I use webfaction

  3. For deploying, you might just use rsync or something like it and set that up as a command in the OS Commands tool. We don't have a pre-defined deploy command now, since that would probably vary in details quite a bit from project to project as far as what exactly is uploaded and how. If you can't figure out how to do this, feel free to email us at support at wingware dot com.

    You can debug remotely. You would mount a remote directory via ssh or sftp using various third party tools and then Wing can be set up to listen for debug connections from the remote host. You also need to specify a location map if the files are located in different places on the local and remote file system. This is documented here:

    In general, we do recommend against debugging a production site and it's usually better to have a local working copy for development, but it is possible to debug remotely if you need to.

  4. Your answer helps, thanks for explaining. I will try that out and contact your support if unable.

  5. Thanks for this post. I was using Editplus for editing my Python and Django code as it allows me to remotely edit my code and click 'Save' button to synch the update.

    Will give WingIDE a go and see how it goes.
    Thanks again

    Helen Neely

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  7. Hi,

    I am using the Django tutorial, and had a question on Auto complete. When I type in Poll. (I want to pick "objects.all()" ) but it does not come up in the autocomplete.

    Why is that?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ code ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    # Create your views here.
    from django.http import HttpResponse
    from mysite.polls.models import Poll

    def index(request):

  8. Do you have the directory that contains mysite in your Python Path? I just tried it and it works but had to "import polls.models" rather than "import mysite.polls.models" because I have the mysite directory on my Python Path rather than its parent directory.

    Incidentally, when I tried this in the Python Shell in Wing I see that the Source Assistant does not know the type of Poll for some reason, although it manages to show completions for it. That looks like a bug and I'll try to fix it for beta3.

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  10. Thanks Stephan - I got my autocomplete working in the Editor. I did not have the right point in the project-tree structure as my home-dir.

    So autocomplete works on Polls and other stuff , but I am not seeing any source-assistant documentation for the things I am typing in the shell. I tried restarting and went thru the Edit->preferences menu.

    Source assistant works well in the Editor window, just not in the shell (for this project only). When I started a new project and closed the old one, Python shell / SourceAssistant were working well together.

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  12. I just found that when my Python shell was a floating window, it did not work. I created a new Python shell in the same project, and it was 'docked' at the bottom (while the SourceAssistant was at the bottom right).

    Now I can see assistant for the things I type into shell. Cool!

    Now one more question (may be unreasonable) -

    when I type "re.findall" source assistant works.

    When I say "p=re.compile(...) " and then type "p.findall(..)" source assistant does not work


  13. Odd, I'll take a look at whether there's some issue w/ having the Python Shell in a separate window. Thanks for noting that.

    As far as the 're' module, it is a strange beast internally and varies w/ Python version in terms of how easily our source analyzer can understand it. However, the case you reference did just work for me when I tried it w/ Wing 4.0beta2 and Python 2.5.4. Can you email what Python version and Wing version you have to support at wingware dot com? I'll try that combination here to see if it's something I can reproduce.