Monday, December 13, 2010

Wing IDE 4.0 beta: Adds refactoring, find uses, and Python 3.2 support

Wing IDE 4.0 beta5 is out.  This beta adds a couple of major new features and many minor improvements and bug fixes. 

Refactoring is now available for renaming symbols, extracting code to a new method or function, and moving the definition of a symbol, function, or method.  A Uses tool is also available, for finding all the points of use of a selected symbol in Python code.

This beta also adds support for Python 3.2, auto-highlights other visible occurrences of the selected text, can run Django unit tests in the Testing tools, adds locked scrolling and improved change highlighting in the Diff/Merge tool, improves control over state saving in Perspectives, updates the French localization, and makes about 50 other improvements and bug fixes.

For more information and to try it out, see

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wing IDE 3.2.12 released

We've just released version 3.2.12 of Wing IDE.  The release was motivated primarily by adding support for Stackless Python version 2.7, but also includes some minor bug fixes such as correctly ignoring logged exceptions, fixing indent conversion of files with mixed EOL types, and correctly updating the testing tool when re-running similarly named tests.

See the changelog for details, read more about Wing IDE, or download it now.