Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wing IDE 4.0.4 released

Wingware has released version 4.0.4 of Wing IDE, an integrated development environment designed specifically for the Python programming language.

This release includes the following changes:

* Shell history operates on whole blocks and filters by entered prefix
* Auto-editing (must be enabled with Editor > Auto-Editing preferences):
  * Auto-enter closing quotes, comments, and parentheses, braces, etc
  * Tab through auto-entered invocation arguments
  * Apply quote, comment character, or parenthesis to selection
* Use dynamic analysis for goto-definition in the editor, when available
* Support ## comments and new block syntax in Mako files
* Allow scrolling editor one page below the last line
* Refactoring can move symbols to a new file
* PyLint panel improvements, including support for version 0.23+
* Commands to copy editor and project file names to clipboard
* About 70 other minor features and bug fixes included vi mode improvements

See the details in the change log.

To see some of the new features in Wing IDE 4.0 in action, check out What's New in Wing 4.0.  Or download a free trial.

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