Monday, February 21, 2011

Wing IDE 4.0 Released

Wing IDE 4.0 final has been released.  Version 4.0 adds the following major features:
  • Refactoring -- Rename and move symbols, and extract code to function or method
  • Find Uses -- Find all points of use of a symbol
  • Diff/Merge -- Graphical file and repository comparison and merge
  • Django Support -- Debug Django templates, run Django unit tests, and more
  • matplotlib Support -- Maintains live-updating plots in shell and debugger
  • Simplified Licensing -- Includes all OSes and adds Support+Upgrades subscriptions
To see some of these features in action, check out What's New in Wing 4.0.  See the Change Log for a detailed list of all changes.  For details on the new licensing see Wing IDE Licensing Changes.

Wingware Sale: 20% off Everything

To celebrate the release of Wing 4.0 we are offering 20% off all new licenses, upgrades, and Support+Upgrades subscriptions.  Enter discount code w4sale when prompted.  This discount expires March 17th, 2011.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New simplified licensing for Wing IDE

I am happy to announce some changes to the licensing model for Wing IDE.  These are designed to better address the needs of our customers:

1) The per-OS licensing constraint has been lifted.  All Wing 4.x licenses, including those purchased during the beta period, can be used on any or all of the supported OSes.

2) For Wing IDE Pro, licenses are now priced according to whether they are used commercially ($245) or non-commercially ($95).  Non-commercial licenses are available to students, educators, unpaid hobbyists, and publicly funded non-profits. Wing IDE Personal licenses cost $45/license.

3) For Wing IDE Professional Commercial Use licenses, we are now offering 5-pack pricing ($1150 each).  We continue to offer volume discounts on 10 or more licenses.

4) We are now offering paid Support+Upgrades subscriptions as described at  Wing IDE Pro licenses come with one year of Support+Upgrades coverage.  Subscriptions can be renewed or added to Non-Commercial or Wing IDE Personal licenses at a cost of $89/year per license.  Upgrades without a subscription cost 1/2 the regular license price.

5) We continue to offer free licenses for unpaid open source developers and for classroom use of Wing IDE. See details at

6) Wing IDE Professional Commercial Use licenses are now explicitly designated as transferable.

For more information on the new licensing see

Please contact if you have any questions about this change.

Wing 4.0 Sale: 20% off Everything

To celebrate the release of Wing 4.0 final (coming soon!) we are offering 20% off all our products, including new licenses, upgrades, and Support+Upgrades subscriptions, through March 17th 2011.  Just enter discount code w4sale when prompted during the ordering process starting at