Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wing IDE 4.1.3 released

Wingware has released version 4.1.3 of Wing IDE, an integrated development environment designed specifically for the Python programming language.

Wing IDE is a cross-platform Python IDE that provides a professional code editor with vi, emacs, and other key bindings, auto-completion, call tips, refactoring, context-aware auto-editing, a powerful graphical debugger, version control, unit testing, search, and many other features.

Highlights of this release include:
  • Added move-line-up and move-line-down line editing commands 
  • Added Open From Project option to search only on the file name
  • Added goto-overridden-method command
  • Added copy-reference command to copy filename, line number(s), scope, and optionally the current or selected lines to the clipboard
  • Added experimental Eclipse style key binding
  • Several auto-editing improvements
  • 12 vi mode fixes
  • Avoid grouping snippets and arg entry into a single undo action
  • Speed up auto-completion and auto-editing
  • About 25 other bug fixes and minor improvement

See the details in the change log.

Version 4 adds the following new major features:

* Refactoring -- Rename/move symbols, extract to function/method, and introduce variable
* Find Uses -- Find all points of use of a symbol
* Auto-Editing -- Reduce typing burden by auto-entering expected code
* Diff/Merge -- Graphical file and repository comparison and merge
* Django Support -- Debug Django templates, run Django unit tests, and more
* matplotlib Support -- Maintains live-updating plots in shell and debugger
* Simplified Licensing -- Includes all OSes and adds Support+Upgrades subscriptions

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  1. Thanks for making the Windows Zip installer available .. Its a relief to have it if I dont have admin rights to a PC ;-\

  2. Thanks also for the superior Python shell implemented in WingIde. The auto-complete, and the source-assistant complement the Python shell in an excellent way!

  3. Glad you like it! Don't hesitate to email us at support at wingware dot com if you have any questions, suggestions, or run into any problems.