Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wingware at PyCon

Wingware will be at PyCon 2012 in Santa Clara, California from Thursday through Monday.  This is our 12th year running at PyCon (and IPC before that)!

We'll be in the expo hall in booth #222 on Friday 10AM to 5PM and Saturday 10AM to 4PM.

We'll also be putting on two open space events, one on Friday at 8PM and one on Sunday at 10:30AM.  Check the open space boards for the location and to confirm these times.

Please stop by to see Wing IDE in action, set up Wing IDE with your code base, ask questions, make suggestions, or just hob nob with the developers.


  1. Love wing...may stop by to see if I can get a new t-shirt...maybe!? :)

  2. We do have a limited number of t-shirts. Also pens and balsa gliders and discount coupons to give away.

  3. I am so sad that I am missing out on this. Have fun at PyCon!