Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wing IDE 4.1.7 released

Wingware has released version 4.1.7 of Wing IDE, our integrated development environment designed specifically for the Python programming language.

Wing IDE is a cross-platform Python IDE that provides a professional quality code editor with vi, emacs, and other key bindings, auto-completion, call tips, refactoring, context-aware auto-editing, a powerful graphical debugger, version control, unit testing, search, and many other features.

This minor release includes:

    Support for Stackless Python 3.2
    Support for Maya 2013
    Support for Visual Studio 2010 builds of Python 2.6and 2.7
    Update Python 3.3support to the beta1 release
    Pretty Print option in Python Shell and Debug Probe
    How-To for using Wing IDE with Pyramid (thanks to Eric Ongerth)
    Implemented vi mode :delm to delete marks
    Added open-url-from-editor and open-clicked-url-from-editor commands
    Ability to set options sent to Python while debugging
    Toolbar icon for viewing and changing the Python configuration
    Improved tab key action in Eclipse key binding
    Preference to disable editor scrolling past the last line
    Several auto-editing improvements
    Improved experimental Turbo completion mode
    Improved heuristic for auto-indent after paste
    Support _thread module under Python 3.x
    About 30 other minor improvements and bug fixes

See the details in the change log.

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