Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wing IDE 5.0.1 released

Wingware has released version 5.0.1 of Wing IDE, our integrated development
environment designed specifically for the Python programming language.

Wing IDE includes a professional quality code editor with vi, emacs, and other
key bindings, auto-completion, call tips, refactoring, context-aware auto-editing,
a powerful graphical debugger, version control, unit testing, search, and many
other features.  For details see http://wingware.com/

Changes in this minor release include:

* Support for Python 3.4beta1+
* Fix file type registration on OS X
* Fix potential segfault after using tab to move from field to field
* Fix creating and renaming snippets and snippets tool drop down menu
* Fix exception when closing windows and failure to quit on win32
* Optimize message tool, which could substantially slow down the IDE
* Fix problems setting custom colors via the Editor -> Syntax Coloring preferences
* Updates and corrections in French localization (thanks to Jean Sanchez)
* Fix intermittant failure to include all selected files in a version control operation
* Fix switching to alphabetizing file tabs and keeping active tab visible when there are 2+ splits
* 21 other bug fixes

For details see http://wingware.com/pub/wingide/5.0.1/CHANGELOG.txt

New features in Wing 5 include:

* Now runs native on OS X
* Draggable tools and editors
* Configurable toolbar and editor & project context menus
* Optionally opens a different sets of files in each editor split
* Lockable editor splits
* Optional Python Turbo completion (context-appropriate completion on all non-symbol keys)
* Sharable color palettes and syntax highlighting configurations
* Auto-editing is on by default (except some operations that have a learning curve)
* Named file sets
* Sharable launch configurations
* Asynchronous I/O in Debug Probe and Python Shell
* Expanded and rewritten tutorial
* Support for Python 3.4

For more information on what's new in Wing 5, see http://wingware.com/wingide/whatsnew

Free trial: http://wingware.com/wingide/trial
Downloads: http://wingware.com/downloads
Feature matrix: http://wingware.com/wingide/features
Sales: http://wingware.com/store/purchase
Upgrades: https://wingware.com/store/upgrade

Questions?  Don't hesitate to email us at support@wingware.com!


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  2. Hi,

    Thanks for an awesome release.

    If I may suggest two features -

    1. In Python shell enable Autocomplete [ not sure if this is too much to ask for ]
    2. When I press Ctrl-Shift-O to search for "urls.py" (and I am only interested in the current project's file) - if the list can be sorted in priority of project files first, then other libs.

    Thanks again

  3. The shell should already have auto-completion, unless you have Wing 101 where that feature is omitted. Maybe Enable Auto-completion in the Python Shell's Options menu has been unchecked? It should be enabled by default.

    Ctl-Shift-O should only include files that have been added to the project. If other libs are showing up you probably have added them to the project. In general, it makes sense to add your own code to the project, and code you may be editing, and let Wing find other libs that you import through the Python Path.